David Beard licensed short sale agent for California

David Beard-Licensed Short Sale Agent

SOS Equity Solutions

After 10 years of working in the real estate and construction business for large corporations I helped to form SOS Equity Solutions in 2007. We are in the business of listing properties with difficult challenges. Our main goal is to help homeowners meet their goals. We have gained years of experience with a track record of handling some of the most difficult transactions.  There are several brokers throughout the State that rely on my experience when they are faced with a difficult transaction.

Our clients understand and appreciate our strong commitment to their needs especially when there are few realistic options available to those seeking help. Our specialty and focus is on short sale transactions with banks, and our 20 plus years of experience with banks has made me a cut above the rest and I want you to know that I am a trusted authority in the industry. I put this experience of dealing with all the parties associated with troubled properties to work for all sellers and home owners. So you know David is way out in front of your typical agent.


Contact me toll free, 888-367-0896 to learn how I might assist you.

Don’t you want a tough proven negotiator working on your behalf?

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SOS Equity Solutions
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