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Why lose deals because the property is over leveraged?

    • Short Sales are here to stay for the next 4-5 years.

    • Why not let us do 70% of the short sale work so you can focus on selling and close Short Sales Successfully?

You’ve heard the buzz about Short Sales, but the work required to process them are far less attractive than a traditional sale right?

Well, we can make the processing tasks associated with a Short Sale easy for you.

We can free-up time for your highest pay-off – Selling!

Here are some of the services we perform:

  • Collection and organization of the lender documents required

  • Counsel with home owner to prepare them for the short sale process

  • Purchase offer submissions

  • Generate HUD1

  • Negotiation with lenders and effective follow through with loss mitigators

  • Trustee-sale postponement services

  • Communication of Short Sale status

All we require is a small flat fee ( 1% of sale price) payable at close and your assistance in conducting market analysis for the lender’s BPO. Our processing fee is paid by the lender or the buyer at close, there are no down payments required.

Our package to the lender is a professional submission that gets the lender’s attention! This is important with the large number of short sales coming into lenders. Most packages today get passed to the round file because they are not complete, however ours are always accepted.


Let’s close more sales !

  • Short sales are here to stay for the next few years

  • We partner with Realtors so you can focus on the sale

  • Are you looking for someone that knows what lenders require to qualify a short sale seller?

  • You know how to successfully market and list a conventional sale – we can help guide you on how to successfully market and list a short sale

  • Our fee is a simple flat fee; see our email at the bottom of this page for more details

  • Let us focus on working with the seller and their lender with our skilled and understanding professionals

  • We provide you with weekly updates and stay in close communication with you during the sales process

  • We can help you manage your time better – You can focus your time with buyers, new listings and your commission while we do the heavy lifting

  • You can have more success than the big REO realtors in your area

  • Our focus is closing short sales, and we have an 85% short sale approval success, that is not easy!

  • An added bonus, we may have listings that we can bring to you.

  • Lenders know us and we know the lenders – do you?

  • Learn more about Notice of Default (NOD)

Please call or e-mail us at for our simple flat fee schedule

The seller never pays us!

Only when there is a FHA and VA buyer do we require Realtors to assist with our fee.

Call us before you list your client’s property so we can strategize with you

For more information please contact us at 888-367-0896

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How to Maximize Your Success With Hi-End Short Sales

How to Maximize Your Success With Short Sales