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  • We are professional certified short sale processors

  • Negotiating on behalf of sellers, realtors, lenders, and buyers

  • Our fees are never paid by the seller

  • We have successfully closed thousands of short sale negotiations with more than 50 different lenders

  • Our staff has extensive knowledge and in-depth understanding of the real estate industry spanning over thirty years with 6 years full-time with short sales

  • We can assist your agent in the proper marketing of a short sale

  • We will assist you in gathering all the documents that your lender requires for the short sale package. Once we gather all the necessary documents and pertinent information; we will put it together in a professional and easy to read package.  One lender even told us that our package was the best they had seen and proceeded to approve our short sale in 2 weeks

  • We may be able to help you postpone a trustee sale, so that you can stay in your home longer and save some money during the short sale process

  • As a CA Real Estate Broker we can assist you to list and find a qualified buyer for your property

  • We know how to sell your underwater property!

    5 Steps to Complete a Newport Beach, Orange County California Short Sale

    The importance of understanding the steps to complete a Newport Beach, Orange County CA short sale becomes more pronounced in light of the fact that many homeowners who have fallen in default on their mortgages are still uncertain of the benefits that they can get from choosing short sale over foreclosure. This is primarily because many still find the entire process mysterious, simply because many of them undertake the process without the guidance of a qualified Newport Beach, Orange County real estate agent with ample experience in closing short sales.

    There are essentially two valid reasons why banks may approve any short sale offer; it is either the seller is experiencing a legitimate hardship, or the amount of the mortgage is already higher than the market value of the home. The short sale will give Newport Beach, Orange County California homeowners in any of these conditions a way to settle financial obligations with the lender and in most instances walk away debt free. This however can only be possible if you follow these steps to complete a short sale.

    1. Getting the right short sale realtor. Many experts in the housing market believe that the initial step to successfully closing a short sale would be to get a proper valuation of the property.  Unfortunately, many homeowners miss out on the importance of getting the right Newport Beach, Orange County CA short sale realtor. Essentially, when it comes to the steps to complete a short sale, this should be the first one. This is because the right short sale realtor can make the entire process go faster and smoother.

    It is vital to note that not all realtors are capable of closing a short sale.  With the current housing market being dominated by property Newport Beach, Orange County foreclosures and upside down conditions, there is immense value for short sale realtors who can actually help homeowners out of their predicament through the skills they have acquired from experience in closing short sales.

    2. Valuation analysis of the property. Homeowners should be aware that despite the benefits of Newport Beach, Orange County short sales, they will never work if there is not enough equity in the property for the lender to consider it for selling. At the very least, lenders would want to break even with the property in case of a foreclosure, and when the homeowner is upside down on the loan; foreclosure is not a very good option to choose because of the impact on the credit standing as well as the emotional stress it involves.

    A successful short sale therefore is anchored on the proposition that everybody walks away a winner. This means that the seller should know that they were able to survive a significantly bad situation with relatively less credit damage, which means better chances to start anew. The buyer on the other hand would typically want to ensure that the property can be bought below its true market value. For the lender, the intention is to make more money than going into Newport Beach, Orange County foreclosure. All of these become possible by making a valuation analysis of the property.

    3. Applying for the short sale with the lender. One of the most critical steps to complete a short sale is definitely contacting the lender. This is because lenders will usually never talk to investors, real estate agents, or even potential buyers, unless there is a notice from the borrower.  Homeowners should put the approval in writing before contacting the lender through telephone initially. Experienced Newport Beach, Orange County short sale specialists understand the value of securing the confidence and trust of borrowers prior to the initial contact with the lender.

    It is important to note that some lenders may have specific forms used to establish the contact. This should however not divert the realtor from the main goal of assuring the borrower that he is competent enough to negotiate in his behalf.  Homeowners should carefully consider this before giving their consent to any Newport Beach, Orange County short sale realtor. Normally, the point of contact would be with the loss mitigation department or the person who signs the letters sent to the homeowner.

    The importance of this step should be understood by Newport Beach, Orange County California homeowners.  This is the point where a relationship would be built with the loss mitigation group, which will make the entire process go faster and smoother. It may also be favorable when negotiations get underway and give the homeowner some form of leverage.

    4. The short sale package. The heart of the Newport Beach, Orange County short sale package is the hardship letter. Among the steps to complete a short sale, this is where the homeowner gets the chance to express his sentiments and expound on the various conditions that have led them to this situation. The help of the short sale realtor would be extremely valuable at this point because the hardship letter would validate that the short sale is the right road to take instead of bankruptcy or foreclosure.

    The hardship letter should be seen as the important piece of the puzzle which makes up the short sale package. However, do not forget that lenders focus on numbers.  This means that no matter how convincing the hardship letter is, it must be ably supported by the right documentation and reports that would substantiate claims of hardship. Therefore, aside from writing the hardship letter in their own words, the numbers must illustrate how short sale can be advantageous to all parties.

    The essence of the short sale package is substantiating the hardship letter with financial data that will help move and influence the decision of the lender towards the approval of the Newport Beach, Orange County CA short sale. It is also vital in ensuring that they will be amenable to the offer tendered and accept it. To ensure the smooth flow of transaction the following documentation should be part of the short sale package.

    • Financial statements
    • Pay stubs
    • Bank statements
    • Hospital bills
    • Divorce decrees
    • Credit reports
    • Tax returns

    The lender will evaluate the numbers in these documentations while they get their own set of numbers for verification. If the short sale package has been adequately prepared, and effectively projects the Newport Beach, Orange County homeowner as completely incapable of meeting mortgage payments, then there should be no doubt that the application would be approved.5. Negotiating and closing the short sale. Finally, make sure that all the pertinent considerations are in place for the short sale purchase agreement. This will be scrutinized mainly by the loss mitigation department, which by this time the Newport Beach short sale realtor should have a relatively harmonious relationship with already. The goal to be accomplished at this point is to convince the lender to accept the short sale by approving it.

    Once this is done, all that is left is for the buyer to make good on what has been agreed in the short sale purchase. The short sale realtor at this point should have already completed negotiations with the lender for the forgiveness of outstanding debts, or perhaps a bit of cash for the homeowner.

    These are the steps to complete a Newport Beach, Orange County California short sale, which when followed would make it extremely beneficial to all parties concerned.

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    Remember !  The Mortgage Debt Relief Act of 2007 Expired December 31, 2013.  You should consult your tax professional before starting a short sale.

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